less tv more movies

Well I’ve been pretty disappointed with the option for TV lately, and from the commercials I’ve seen on what’s coming up for the next season, it appears that I will be watching more movies and video on demand, and have less tv shows to gab about with my girlfriends.

You know when you hear a ton of commercial for American gladiators, and they mention American gladiators with grandma in the commercial, that the TV networks are really stretching to make some BS sound like something big. I certainly hope we get more movies on demand next month, I’ve burned through most of what’s available already.

Where is the good TV

Where are the good TV shows? Ever since the writers strike theat caused of this reality TV programming to come out, I am really missing the good TV shows that I could count on. Shows like Seinfeld and fun, well written shows are just gone. It seems that the TV stations going the cheap route and moving toward this whole reality TV junk have ruined my relaxation time in front of the tube.

Theonly good shows that I enjoy these dyas are documentary style show you find on Discovery and similar channels. I think there is a huge open opportunity for good, funny TV shows to be made, yet the networks apparently are not catering to the good writers out there, and because of that we in America are expecte to suffer through all this “do something stupid for a chance to win $50,000” crap. Why don’t they give writers a chance to produce some new shows for a chance to win that money instead so we can get some good shows again!