how to know if it is time to get rid of your current job

I saw an article via yahoo hot jobs that asked how you know it’s time to find a new job, here are the 5 things to consider:job stress

  1. The Magic is Gone
  2. “I Hate My Boss” Syndrome
  3. “I Think My Boss Hates Me” Syndrome
  4. The Titanic Is Sinking
  5. Your Health Is Failing

After reading these things (and the associated paragraphs that go along with them) I knew it was time to get the resume out and start to look around for something that I might enjoy, get some more experience and get away from the failing titanic with my not so great supervisor.

Job stress has given me ulcers, kept me tired and ruined my love life. I need to accept that sticking with this position hoping it will get better is not in my best interest. I wonder if I will stick with my current career path or do something entirely different just to get a change of pace. Perhaps something outdoors.

My first hockey game

I got invited to a hockey game and wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I agreed since I didn’t have to drive. We arrived, dealt with a long walk to get to the arena, and it seemed like forever to walk around and get to our seats, but it was worth it! I had no idea they did so many different things during the hockey games, I had only seen some hockey on TV and it seems pretty uninteresting on the boob tube, but when you are actually there you all kinds of other things going on. I enjoyed the videos on the big screen, the band that played in between, even the ice skating cheerleader girls were fun to watch. I almost got a free t-shirt they threw into the crowd but it was just out of reach. I did get to see a couple of little fights and scuffles throughout the game, and I think I will have to go to some more before the season is over!

Big thanks to Stephanie for talking me into going!