What I am up to

One of the many things I do these days is invest in companies all over the world and this is one of among alot of other reasons I started my blog, which was to have a place to keep track of my investments and why I choose to invest in them at that time. For those of you just tuning into the Angela Heart life I ve been a Wall Street Stock Broker for years and then started workin from my home and now run my own company from home using sites like E-Trade and other great online trading companies. Found it was better and easierto keep track of my stocks from home then on the floor of the exchange or the streets of New York. So I moved back to my roots here in Alabama to start a family which has been the best thing I ve ever done for those of you who do not know an apartment in New York costs atleast a million and the waiting lists are forever to even get one. In Alabama a million dollars get you a huge mansion with a huge yard and great neighbors that you never really see because thier homes are so far away, when I arrived here with my husband the first thing he said was he could go outside and take aleak and not have to worry about anyone seeing him, two days later the mailman saw him. lol