nation of haves and have notes – an interesting poll

The nation of haves and have notes – an interesting poll at the pew research center sheds some light on how different age groups think of themselves as haves and have nots. The funny thing to me is how many people are missing the big picture. I believe there are many people who think they are haves, but do not really see that their future is bleak. With the weakening dollar and the price of everyday items going up, people are not seeing that the future is not so bright for them

Sure it is easy to believe that everything is hunky dory when you have a flat panel tv and an xbox to play, but I know nay people who thought they had it well until they found themselves out of a job and no way to catch up with their current lifestyle. Add to that the lack of good retirement options, and how many people can’t afford the basic health care that should be available, I think with more education and a peek at the bigger picture, polls like this would show that there are many more have nots than people realize.

I found a post about this poll at the random thoughts worpal blog.