guru friend suggest ba gua

So I have one of those guru friends, you know the one that eats wierd food, pracices tai chi and has that calm don’t srtess anything zen kind of attitude. Well he seuggested I get into some ba gua, I had never heard of this martial art mediatation kind of thing, but after an hour long conversation about the future benefits of it, he caonvinced me to look into it. I have not yet been able to find much information about it, but I did just find this DVD about Ba gua, which I may have to order just see some demonstration of what it’s about actually doing it.

Apparently there are not many teachers of this unusual movement system, but you can get similar benefits by doing tai chi, and from what i understand there are many health benefits to these internal martial arts as they are called, so I may do some classes and try to reap some benefits. It sounds great. we’ll see!