monkeys pay for sex by grooming

Found a funny article talking about how one researcher believes that monkeys pay for sex by grooming female monkeys. I can’t believe that this researcher considers grooming payment. I could see if there was some kind of exchange of material good for sex, like maybe if a monkey brought bananas and then got laid, but I agree with this newsvine commenter who says that if you consider giving attention as payment for sexual relations, then everyone in world is paying for sex.

macaque monkeys

I believe it is a bad tag line for this story and the associated research, and I myself do not consider grooming someone as payment.

Carson Kressley Teaches Women to ‘Look Good Naked’

Carson Kressley Teaches Women to ‘Look Good Naked’
His New Makeover Mantra: How You Carry Yourself Means More Than Having a Perfect Body

This is really interesting, if we can all learn from this we can not only look better, but feel better too.

In the first clip Kressley showed the audience three different images of women, and asked them to vote on which woman they thought weighed the most.

Each photo was actually of the same woman, but without knowing that the audience chose woman B as the winner.

His point? “We use [the clip] to show some of the women we’re making over that it’s all about how you carry yourself. It’s not only how we see you, but how you see you.”

read more about this cool makeover psychology, I think the idea of the tv show is kind of lame, but the psychology and real world examples will hopefully help many women develop a better posture and attitude, which in turn should make people respond better to them and help create a better self esteem.

USB portable a software – what to use, how to use it best

So I asked for a portable USB drive for the holidays, I got three of them! usb sushiThat is awesome, because I actually want to fill one with music, another with pictures and have a third for running portable apps like firefox when I find myself at another computer. The big question now is how to find the best way to run these portable apps.

First off, this is not my first USB thumb drive, I have another sandisk cruzer with the U3 launching software, which is pretty cool really, but I found if you use the password feature on it to give some protection from unauthorized access, as of today, it does not work with windows vista, so I was unable to pull up my documents from the thumbdrive onto the new computer at work, which is using vista. I instead had to email myself the docs from another system running xp.

So I am aware that compatibility is an issue sometimes, and so is security. I keep some important documents on my thumbdrive and I want to know that they will be secure if my keys get stolen or lost. A friend was telling about this info box site that has a way to add a virtual encrypted partition to a thumbdrive (if you remove any U3 software that may be on it already), and add portable apps like firefox which I have become accustom to. I may give this one a whirl for the drive I want to put photos on and see how it works.

Then I see an article that talks about a new way run as a virtual pc from a thumb drive, giving me privacy and a safety net for the remote computer I may be using, very cool idea, one I have heard before. I wonder if this is the best way to do this, or if just adding the apps to a thumbdrive and running firefox and thunderbird from the thumbdrive will do the trick anyway. What are the various virtual pc methods for using a thumbdrive for surfing on another system and working with docs, not leaving any info behind?

Virtual PC article I was referring to:

From Yahoo news / Reuters
Virtual PCs add new layer of security

By Jim Finkle Thu Jan 3, 12:38 PM ET

BOSTON (Reuters) – Worried about people accessing your private information whenever you use a public computer? There is a way to protect yourself: Devices as small as a keychain allow you to use any computer without leaving a trail of evidence.

A new computer program known as MojoPac can turn most flash memory sticks, hard drives or iPods into “virtual” PCs that can run most programs that work on Windows XP.

The devices draw on the host computer’s resources — including its electricity, Windows XP software and DVD drive. Yet they retain their independence as they move from machine to machine.

This independence allows people to use public computers without a trace of their session being left behind. PCs typically store a record of activity long after the computer has been turned off.

“It’s a slick way to move from machine to machine,” says Rob Enderle, founder of the Enderle Group, a research firm that follows the PC industry. “It’s about as safe as you can get.”

The device cannot be bought. You have to make it by downloading free software onto a computer drive such as the thumb-sized USB flash memory drives that were so popular as gifts this Christmas. It also works with iPods, many other digital music players and regular external hard drives.

Once the MojoPac shell is created, users need to install their own software — just as they would do on a regular PC running Windows XP.

MojoPac’s developer, RingCube Technologies, asserts that most programs are compatible, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and a slew of free programs.

Other companies are working on similar technology, but there’s nothing available with free software that is as easy to set up as MojoPac, according to Enderle.

MojoPac virtual PCs are not just designed for mobile use. They can protect users who share the same computer. A virus introduced by one user into their MojoPac, or virtual computer, would not affect the rest, according to RingCube.

“If you were to corrupt your virtual world, your host PC would be fine,” says RingCube Senior Vice President Ron DiBiase.

MojoPac is available for free on the company’s Web site,

For now it only works with Windows XP, but the company plans to launch a version this summer that allows users to switch between machines running XP and Vista.

PCs that have been locked by administrators so users cannot install files on them won’t work with MojoPac unless the administrator first installs a small piece of software that is available on the company’s Web site.

And, there are no plans to develop MojoPacs for Mac computers or the Linux operating system, DiBiase said.

While most programs work with MojoPac, one good source for the devices is, a site that specializes in offering programs customized for thumb drives.

It lists more than three dozen programs, including software for fighting viruses, backing up data, surfing the Web and viewing documents. There are also programs for word processing, photo editing, spreadsheets and instant messaging.

(Reporting by Jim Finkle)

So what do you suggest? What’s the best way to setup a private surfing usb drive I can use at a friend’s house or the library should the need arise?

Toursits shun Mexico after rapes and robberies plague areas

I think this is mainly in northern Mexico, and there is much more to the article that I found this snippet from:

Lori Hoffman, a San Diego-area emergency room nurse, said she was sexually assaulted Oct. 23 by two masked men in front of her boyfriend, San Diego Surfing Academy owner Pat Weber, who was forced to kneel at gunpoint for 45 minutes. They were at a campground with about 30 tents, some 200 miles south of the border.

The men shot out windows of the couple’s trailer and forced their way inside, ransacked the cupboards and left with about $7,000 worth of gear, including computers, video equipment and a guitar.

Weber, who has taught dozens of students in Mexico over the last 10 years, plans to surf in Costa Rica or New Zealand. “No more Mexico,” said Hoffman, who reported the attack to Mexican police. No arrests have been made.

Now I know stuff like this can happen any where in the world, but after reading this, I am taking Mexico off of my to vacation list, unless I get to the point where I can hire my own bodyguard posse.

rapex anti rape condom

Perhaps this is a way to sell more rapex condoms with teeth to Americans, I can see the convenience store advertising at the border now.

reasons to bleach your keyboard and mouse

So they say that the stomach flu, or norovirus can be spread from computer keyboards from person to person. In an article from yahoo news / healthday

“There is evidence that shared objects and surfaces help transmit disease,” said Dr. Shua Chai, a CDC epidemiologist and co-author of the report, published in the Jan. 4 issue of the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

“This is the first time that we have demonstrated that keyboards and computer mice can be a source of transmission of norovirus,” he added.

Well they suggest regular hand washing as the main way to stop the spread of viruses like this, and they suggest washing your keyboard and mouse with a bleach water as well.

keyboard protector

Of course I have other reasons to regularly wash my keyboard, just come home and find your sister picking her nose while surfing myspace and you will know that having some clorox wipes next to the computer is a good idea.

Of course there may be a new market for keyboard protectors… If I could just find them for less than $100, I think paying more than $20 for a keyboard is ridiculous.