Enemy list instead of friends list for facebook

This would be funny to see how many people have more enemies than hatebook dudefriends. Perhaps it would start more online drama than you already have within the social networks. I mean geeze, you can already hear people bitching about being taken off the top friends, or not being put on the top 4, or getting their #2 position changed out with another friend. Sometimes boyfriends and girlfriends have major issues about who is on their friends list, imagine the drama that could be started by everyone having enemy lists.

And the online social network drama continues.

From the wired campus blog:

Enemybook, that allows users to tag people as “enemies.” Those who use the application make available on their Facebook page their list of foes as well as friends. A photograph of the enemy is depicted along with a list of reasons why the person is despised: He/she hooked up with my ex, insulted my honor, or killed my family, are among the possible explanations.

Enemybook is not the only Web application to mock Facebook. Snubster allows Facebook users to list adversaries. And then there’s Hatebook.com and Hatebook.org.

Butterflies and speeches

When ever I am about to give a presentation or speech infront of a audiance my stomach always gets what I like to call butterflies in my tummy. I have given it seems over the years countless presentations about almost every topic imaginable to mankind itself. When analyzing data and therozing what could be and what is going to be. With so many differnt topics depending upon what industry we were focusing on that day, we could generate a couple thousand sheets worth of lines on paper, then come up with an idea as a result of everything we jsut trashed and had worked on, then start from scratch. To me these were some of the most fun days in my life, brainstorming ideas with some of the best and brightest in the industry along side me, they were times when it seems to me that anything was possible, if we just thought about it long enough. Then ofcourse with the finished idea it would have to be presented to whoever in a fashion that makes sense to the people your presenting it to. So i  have choosen to be apart of an effort that will edjucate the world about global warming, becasue to me the same holds true if enough of us think about what we can each do to slow down or stop completely bad air emmissions for our lives. Breathing air should be an investment we all make.


Have been busy planning my busy coming up schuedle and have alot of travel plans coming up in the next several weeks so sorry if I am not able to blog but I am bring my new laptop with Wirelesss card so i should be able to get on and check my email and post a few photos. My most anticipated stop is Cancun mexico which will be the first stop and where I plan to relaxe and soak up the Sun. More to come but wanted to hear form everyone else where they plan on going or have gone this year for vacation or biz?

What I am up to

One of the many things I do these days is invest in companies all over the world and this is one of among alot of other reasons I started my blog, which was to have a place to keep track of my investments and why I choose to invest in them at that time. For those of you just tuning into the Angela Heart life I ve been a Wall Street Stock Broker for years and then started workin from my home and now run my own company from home using sites like E-Trade and other great online trading companies. Found it was better and easierto keep track of my stocks from home then on the floor of the exchange or the streets of New York. So I moved back to my roots here in Alabama to start a family which has been the best thing I ve ever done for those of you who do not know an apartment in New York costs atleast a million and the waiting lists are forever to even get one. In Alabama a million dollars get you a huge mansion with a huge yard and great neighbors that you never really see because thier homes are so far away, when I arrived here with my husband the first thing he said was he could go outside and take aleak and not have to worry about anyone seeing him, two days later the mailman saw him. lol