Whats your favorite .xxx domain thus far?

So as you probably have heard the .xxx domain name extensions are out and on the internet, well some at least some are and of those places that are up and running a website on a dot triple x domain extension so far which do you think is the best? I have to say this first and that is I was sad to find that most of the good names like sexchat.xxx were not just taken but reserved from ever being registered for use and probably by some owner of another extension saying a trademark issue but who really knows as all it says is reads is “this domain has been reserved from registration” and a ton of other great dot triple x extensions say the same thing.

But playing around a little bit I did find a couple of .xxx gems so to speak but I am only going to share one with one tonight and wait to hear from you guys about your favorite .xxx domains thus far before revealing my other. So with that said my favorite .xxx domains is this awesome sex chat website called chatsex.xxx which offers free text chat rooms and forums along with free roulette cams and a user interface much like the old Facebook interface before the timeline was introduced. So now that you know one f mine be sure to sure one of yours, thanks.