So I got a phone call from some friends asking me if I wanted to go the movies. Sure I do, I’m tired of being cooped up in the house and I’d love to get out for a bit, a nice excuse to dress up a bit and see some friends. I had not idea what this alien versus predator movie was about, but any excuse to get out of the house works for me. Well the movie was okay, the people in the theater were a bit annoying, but the popcorn was good.

It was nice to get out and see some people I hadn’t seen in a while, but I think I will be choosing a different theater next time, the seats were not comfortable, and many of the patrons at this particular location were not real manners people. Sorry guys, if you want me to join you next time, you are going to have to find a showtime that fits at another location.

read the fine print for free credit report

So I think everyone has seen the commercial or free credit report dot com, and I finally got a friend to get on there and get one, I think the site may have changed since the last time that I got a free credit report there. Of course there is an offer there, little is really free easily these days. Now if you read the fine print you find out that you can get a federal mandated yearly free credit report from annual credit report dot com. So save yourself a step and go there first.

nation of haves and have notes – an interesting poll

The nation of haves and have notes – an interesting poll at the pew research center sheds some light on how different age groups think of themselves as haves and have nots. The funny thing to me is how many people are missing the big picture. I believe there are many people who think they are haves, but do not really see that their future is bleak. With the weakening dollar and the price of everyday items going up, people are not seeing that the future is not so bright for them

Sure it is easy to believe that everything is hunky dory when you have a flat panel tv and an xbox to play, but I know nay people who thought they had it well until they found themselves out of a job and no way to catch up with their current lifestyle. Add to that the lack of good retirement options, and how many people can’t afford the basic health care that should be available, I think with more education and a peek at the bigger picture, polls like this would show that there are many more have nots than people realize.

I found a post about this poll at the random thoughts worpal blog.

less tv more movies

Well I’ve been pretty disappointed with the option for TV lately, and from the commercials I’ve seen on what’s coming up for the next season, it appears that I will be watching more movies and video on demand, and have less tv shows to gab about with my girlfriends.

You know when you hear a ton of commercial for American gladiators, and they mention American gladiators with grandma in the commercial, that the TV networks are really stretching to make some BS sound like something big. I certainly hope we get more movies on demand next month, I’ve burned through most of what’s available already.

My next bed will be feng shui friendly – if I get a raise

I was surfing around the web, who knows where I was exactly, or how I got there. It’s one of the things I love about web surfing and all the links from one set of information to another, one search term leading another unintended discovery, it’s a journey sometimes, and certainly not always a destination when I get on the web. Anyhow, perhaps I was in a google image search or something, when I came across this blog that caught my eye, then, I saw a picture of this bed.

feng shui bed

Okay, I love the unique look, at first glance I decided very cool! At second glance I realized that it is feng shui positive, so it’s good for energy too, okay, need that. Then saw the price is around 7-$8,000 – well, I won’t be adding that to my shopping cart anytime soon. Then I saw how the wood on the bottom of the bed is really close to the floor, oh I do love the design! And the way they have the pillow headboard attached with the loops, very nice! Wow, what would it take to make something like that? Now, it would have to be done right, can’t have a cheap knock off bed, that would certainly be bad feng shui for sure. Well let’s hope I get a huge bonus one day so I can get my bedroom energy flowing in a more positive direction!

Details from the blog I found the bed on:

Okay, everyone loves the bed. I found it just by googling “feng shui.” Hey, it’s only $7-8,000!! Here’s some more info on it:
The Mantra bed from FEG is an incredible design from Mauro Bertame. The Mantra bed was designed based upon Feng Shui principles. The low threshold and canopy not only look great, but serve a purpose. The low threshold creates a grounding effect. The high arc canopy gives the comfort of a warm embrace. Those of you compelled to involve the Feng Shui principles into your bedroom may want to start with this beautiful piece. A better night’s sleep is not the only benefit of owning this bed. Ordering information is available at EuropeByNet.