Where is the good TV

Where are the good TV shows? Ever since the writers strike theat caused of this reality TV programming to come out, I am really missing the good TV shows that I could count on. Shows like Seinfeld and fun, well written shows are just gone. It seems that the TV stations going the cheap route and moving toward this whole reality TV junk have ruined my relaxation time in front of the tube.

Theonly good shows that I enjoy these dyas are documentary style show you find on Discovery and similar channels. I think there is a huge open opportunity for good, funny TV shows to be made, yet the networks apparently are not catering to the good writers out there, and because of that we in America are expecte to suffer through all this “do something stupid for a chance to win $50,000” crap. Why don’t they give writers a chance to produce some new shows for a chance to win that money instead so we can get some good shows again!

Dating and the internet

Have been solicited many times over and over to join a dating website of some kind. One thing I found is that most people do not look anything like the picture they put up and in some cases are not even the same person as the picture they use on thier profle, and this in my opinon is not the way to start off a relationship of any kind. One thing I reccomend to everyone out there looking to start dating is be honest about everything, always. The last thing anyone wants from thier partner is to be lied to. My advice to anyone trying to find that perfect match online is to take it slow make sure you see the person on webcam before ever meeting htem and always meet them in a public place that has alot of people should you want to meet, with the idea that you both are not going anywhere else other than that place.

Butterflies and speeches

When ever I am about to give a presentation or speech infront of a audiance my stomach always gets what I like to call butterflies in my tummy. I have given it seems over the years countless presentations about almost every topic imaginable to mankind itself. When analyzing data and therozing what could be and what is going to be. With so many differnt topics depending upon what industry we were focusing on that day, we could generate a couple thousand sheets worth of lines on paper, then come up with an idea as a result of everything we jsut trashed and had worked on, then start from scratch. To me these were some of the most fun days in my life, brainstorming ideas with some of the best and brightest in the industry along side me, they were times when it seems to me that anything was possible, if we just thought about it long enough. Then ofcourse with the finished idea it would have to be presented to whoever in a fashion that makes sense to the people your presenting it to. So i  have choosen to be apart of an effort that will edjucate the world about global warming, becasue to me the same holds true if enough of us think about what we can each do to slow down or stop completely bad air emmissions for our lives. Breathing air should be an investment we all make.

Oceans 13

This is going to be the best movie of the year and it is only 6 days away from opening up at the theaters. Oceasns 11 and 12 were the shit and if you have nto seen either then go rent or buy both movies and hit the theaters this coming up weekend for this Summers blockbuster sequel. Two words for all you women “George Clooney” and two words for all you men “Ellen Barkin” ok enough said see you at the show.

High Definition finally

Well I have finally moved into the high hefinition age with a brand new HD television and a awsome new HD DVD player for Toshiba. i am very excited as is everyone else around the house since the last t.v. we had was a 32 inch lcd and now we have a 70 plasma. Ever since it was installed the television has not been off for a minute. I never knew what I was missgin until I sat down and watched a few movies on the new HD player on the HD television. Everything is crystal clear and the sound is pefect, you can hear a pennies drop. The next high definition gadget to get on my list is a all around surround stero system.