My next bed will be feng shui friendly – if I get a raise

I was surfing around the web, who knows where I was exactly, or how I got there. It’s one of the things I love about web surfing and all the links from one set of information to another, one search term leading another unintended discovery, it’s a journey sometimes, and certainly not always a destination when I get on the web. Anyhow, perhaps I was in a google image search or something, when I came across this blog that caught my eye, then, I saw a picture of this bed.

feng shui bed

Okay, I love the unique look, at first glance I decided very cool! At second glance I realized that it is feng shui positive, so it’s good for energy too, okay, need that. Then saw the price is around 7-$8,000 – well, I won’t be adding that to my shopping cart anytime soon. Then I saw how the wood on the bottom of the bed is really close to the floor, oh I do love the design! And the way they have the pillow headboard attached with the loops, very nice! Wow, what would it take to make something like that? Now, it would have to be done right, can’t have a cheap knock off bed, that would certainly be bad feng shui for sure. Well let’s hope I get a huge bonus one day so I can get my bedroom energy flowing in a more positive direction!

Details from the blog I found the bed on:

Okay, everyone loves the bed. I found it just by googling “feng shui.” Hey, it’s only $7-8,000!! Here’s some more info on it:
The Mantra bed from FEG is an incredible design from Mauro Bertame. The Mantra bed was designed based upon Feng Shui principles. The low threshold and canopy not only look great, but serve a purpose. The low threshold creates a grounding effect. The high arc canopy gives the comfort of a warm embrace. Those of you compelled to involve the Feng Shui principles into your bedroom may want to start with this beautiful piece. A better night’s sleep is not the only benefit of owning this bed. Ordering information is available at EuropeByNet.