They all heart him

He’s the guy they all want, but none can keep. I’m falling in love with him, but I hear all the other girls talking about how nice he is, what a great guy he is. It’s ridiculous to have a guy more popular than me. Not sure I can deal with this in a long term relationship. Yeah he;s a great guy, but damn, girls all flocking to him will certainly cause all kinds of issues in the future.

We all want a good looking guy, but don’t want to have a million women swarming them. I recently heard that in my town there is 9 women to every 1 woman, it could be worse, I’ve been told of places in the U.S. that have a 12:1 ratio.

It’s no wonder that with these kind of odds many women would take issue with their man being so popular. What to do, what to do.

Sometimes I like that they all like him, better than being with a guy that everyone hates, but geeze do they have to make it so obvious all the time?