yahoo, hello, where is musicmatch jukebox?

So today I decided I was going to break down and buy the upgrade for musicmatch jukebox. I had been holding off from this for years, since I bought a version some time ago before yahoo bought it and ruined it. I still a little miffed that I did not get free plus upgrades, and after having a version with dell’s musicmatch and such, I just refused to upgrade it.

After years of not buying it again, today I decided to go ahead and buy the upgrade, or full version, whatever. Well I can’t find it anywhere except for some sponsored results page. This is quite funny actually.musicmatch jukebox logo

First thing I did was go to – it redirects me to yahoo music ( )with no info about musicmatch anywhere. Next I do a google search for it, which takes to me to a page the redirects again to yahoo music. Ugh. On the yahoo music page I do a search for musicmatch – no results, but there are two sponsored results with a link to it(one is which asks for my email info in step one of the download) – lol!

So I open my musicmatch jukebox by dell and click the upgrade now link – that should work… no. 404 not found. This is unbelievable.

So I go to and search for musicmatch. Certainly their own search engine will find the right page for it right? The first two results tell me no. In fact the second result even shows the 404 error I had seen earlier in it’s description. This is funny.

So I go to and look for free mp3 ripping software instead. I Choose audiograbber which sounds great. I download it, go ot settings, and find out that Ineed to download the LAME encoder in order tog et mp3 files at a btter bitrate than 56k (which is crazy) – it takes me a while to find the lame encoder, but I find it, download it, unzip it, copy the lame.dll over to the directory where audiograbber was installed. Close and then reopen audiograbber twice, adjust the setting, get the track lists from cd-text (since free db can’t find the listings for this cd) – and off I go. It’s fast, it’s simple to use, not as simple to set up, but hey it’s working. It’s free.

*update – after getting a few CDs ripped I went through and started closing tabs on my browser, taking onelast look at the yahoo music page I do another search onpage (ctrl+F) and look for the word musicmatch in case I missed it; no not found. So I look at the page mad as can be, then hover over “downloads” thinking maybe, just maybe it is there. Well it doesn’t say anything about musicmatch, but it does have a clickable submenu link for “free music player” – so I’m thinking, maybe yahoo has killed muiscmatch and is replacing it with some kind of new fangled generic “free music player”. After clicking, I find a page talking about none other than “music match jukebox” – woo hoo! I found it, and there is a premium version to buy! Wow!

So you can find it here: but why does redirect to yahoo music?

update – Nov 1 2008 – I was telling a friend about using musicmatch to rip cds, and revisited this post in order to show her where to actually find it, but now it appears to be gone – the download sub-menu now has some rhapsody download instead. This is horrible – they have killed on the best cd ripping / mp3 playing jukeboxes – the old favorite musicmatch jukebox seemed to be gone. Yahoo really screwed the pooch with this deal, I wish they had never bought musicmatch.

So I had to recommend audio grabber to Debbie, she commented that it was downloaded, installed and ripping her CD in about 30 seconds – it is great for that. And winamp is really great for playing mp3s. I have yet to see anything as cool as musicmatch 7.5 – but who knows – maybe someone will step up and release a skin for winamp with the ripping plugins to make it work on that level. Maybe someone already has and I just haven’t seen it yet. I remember using winamp with the crossfade plugin years ago and I was in heaven for the first time with my music listening at home.

4 thoughts on “yahoo, hello, where is musicmatch jukebox?

  1. Musicmatch jukebox is no more! Where have you been? Yahoo bought the rights. So it’s Yahoo music jukebox.

  2. Yahoo killed Musicmatch only to turn around and kill Yahoo Jukebox. Yes my friends, they killed their own screw-up.
    Yahoo botched the soup and made it to where one of the best media players was removed all together.

    Yahoo Suckbox really sucked. I installed it, only to remove the thing because it was totally dumbed down from the MMJB we’re all used to. Bad move on Yahoo. I hope it makes them go bankrupt soon. Go Google for searches instead. That’ll show em!

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