monkeys pay for sex by grooming

Found a funny article talking about how one researcher believes that monkeys pay for sex by grooming female monkeys. I can’t believe that this researcher considers grooming payment. I could see if there was some kind of exchange of material good for sex, like maybe if a monkey brought bananas and then got laid, but I agree with this newsvine commenter who says that if you consider giving attention as payment for sexual relations, then everyone in world is paying for sex.

macaque monkeys

I believe it is a bad tag line for this story and the associated research, and I myself do not consider grooming someone as payment.

One thought on “monkeys pay for sex by grooming

  1. This seems a reasonable supposition to me. As I see it, payment does not necessarily need to be in “material goods”. Commerce can be in the form of either goods and/or services.

    The study also seems to reflect human commerce in that as the availability of females increases, the time spent grooming in exchange for sex decreases, just as an increase goods or services in the commercial world decreases the market value of these commodities.

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