Enemy list instead of friends list for facebook

This would be funny to see how many people have more enemies than hatebook dudefriends. Perhaps it would start more online drama than you already have within the social networks. I mean geeze, you can already hear people bitching about being taken off the top friends, or not being put on the top 4, or getting their #2 position changed out with another friend. Sometimes boyfriends and girlfriends have major issues about who is on their friends list, imagine the drama that could be started by everyone having enemy lists.

And the online social network drama continues.

From the wired campus blog:

Enemybook, that allows users to tag people as “enemies.” Those who use the application make available on their Facebook page their list of foes as well as friends. A photograph of the enemy is depicted along with a list of reasons why the person is despised: He/she hooked up with my ex, insulted my honor, or killed my family, are among the possible explanations.

Enemybook is not the only Web application to mock Facebook. Snubster allows Facebook users to list adversaries. And then there’s Hatebook.com and Hatebook.org.