Carson Kressley Teaches Women to ‘Look Good Naked’

Carson Kressley Teaches Women to ‘Look Good Naked’
His New Makeover Mantra: How You Carry Yourself Means More Than Having a Perfect Body

This is really interesting, if we can all learn from this we can not only look better, but feel better too.

In the first clip Kressley showed the audience three different images of women, and asked them to vote on which woman they thought weighed the most.

Each photo was actually of the same woman, but without knowing that the audience chose woman B as the winner.

His point? “We use [the clip] to show some of the women we’re making over that it’s all about how you carry yourself. It’s not only how we see you, but how you see you.”

read more about this cool makeover psychology, I think the idea of the tv show is kind of lame, but the psychology and real world examples will hopefully help many women develop a better posture and attitude, which in turn should make people respond better to them and help create a better self esteem.